2011,08.13 Present CDR

-Comic Market 80 Present Disc-

Comic Market 80 Present Disc | Aphrodite
-Masashi Okagaki & Friends team Aphrodite-
『Comic Market 80 Present Disc』
(2011,08.13 Comic Market 80即売会購入者特典 / KPCR-124&125 / 2曲入特典CDR)

『Gryphin -Alice Tales III-』(KPCR-122S)に収録された楽曲の

Tr01.The Day Takeoff -voiceless version-
["The Day Takeoff(大帝国)"]
Tr02.get the regret over -voiceless version-
["get the regret over(闘神都市III)"]
original song composed by shade(ALICE-SOFT)

Masashi "Jill" Okagaki [from Jill's Project]
(Keyboards & Arrangement & Music -without original songs melodies-)
Hiromi Suzuki [from Blue Symphony]
ANI-Katsu [from Jill's Project & Rattlesnake]


-Gryphin Alice Tales III-

Gryphin Alice Tales III- | Aphrodite

-The Day Takeoff voiceless version-

The Day Takeoff voiceless version | Aphrodite

-get the regret over voiceless version-

get the regret over voiceless version | Aphrodite